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What is Goosly?

Simple tool to create timeline roadmaps for free

Goosly is a simple timeline maker tool to plan and track every idea that comes to mind; in a roadmap you can style, embed and share anywhere, with anyone you want.
Also, it's free.

What can I do?

Create a roadmap timeline in minutes

🖼️ Get inspired by browsing through the roadmaps of others

💡 Copy one of Goosly's timeline roadmap templates

🎨 Customize your own roadmap with colors and groups

✍🏽 Publish and share your roadmap via email/link, or embed it

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What can I use it for?

The only roadmap tool you'll need

Everything is a project, so timeline examples are endless:

🚀 Manage a product

🗂️ Organize your freelance work

🏖️ Track your holidays

🏎️ Plan a sports event like Formula 1

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