Alright, this is the start of the story. I decided to document the journey with building and growing my next SaaS product called Goosly. And in this first post, I'll talk about the plan and how I track and structure my first ever build-in-public project. So we'll call this Planning in public or plan in public.

But before I share and show you what I have sketched so far, let me give you a bit of context about who I am and why I'm making the leap into growing my business this way.

Build in public is becoming a popular way of creating, launching and growing a product, and for good reasons. Documenting your journey, the good, the bad, and the ugly can have a couple of effects:

  1. Helping you build rapport with others and rally a community of supporters around your journey
  2. Keep you accountable and more likely to pull through and progress if there are eyes watching

If you want to find out how to buid in public check out this Public Lab guide bellow.

Building in Public Definitive Guide - Public Lab
The Building in Public Definitive Guide has been well received by the community, find out what people say about this free guide.

Now, the stereotypical founder who would go for such an approach is the solo founder or indie hacker at a very early stage of their career and usually sharing the journey from the beginning. However, my story is quite different. I'm already running a fast-growing startup with my co-founder Nikki and a team of 10 currently making more than half a million in annual recurring revenue. We are making a living with a set of productivity apps in an existing Marketplace.

But we started Goosly recently as a free and stand-alone SaaS product for planning. And that's a different journey we're embarking on with a lot of unknowns compared to being in a Marketplace. And as we start building a new kind of product, this is a great opportunity to share this journey publicly. I've always been passionate about sharing my experiences with others and have been doing that quite a bit in general with Jexo. When I discovered the build-in-public concept, I was hooked because it resonated with my own way of thinking.

So hopefully, some of my prior experience will come in handy and will make for an interesting journey to follow. Right, but enough about that cause I'm way into startup, and I can talk for days. Let's dive into this plan.

First of all, Goosly, the product I'll document the journey of it's a super cool tool to use while building in public. You can create a plan for your project or product using a roadmap and have it shared with your community. I call this plan-in-public.

So I started planning publicly what will happen next with Goosly. This is still an early draft and there's still plenty to figure out.

Goosly Roadmap | Goosly
Build In Public Plan to Grow Goosly | Try Goosly for free today!