Coming in for another buildinpublic update. But before that, I'm making these posts roughly once a month, and as much as I'd want to be weekly or daily, the focus for these build-in-public updates is on the Goosly product which is one of many other products and initiatives the Jexo team and myself are running. So I think a monthly update can cover all the major happenings.

Speaking of major, we just launched a big upgrade to Goosly. In the prior post I went over what improvements we plan for and I demoed two awesome feature that where at that time a month ago, still in development. Well, I'm happy to report that as of now you can use the new columns-based roadmap which allows you to define phases for your activities. This is helpful if you don't want the constraint of time but, you can also use the timeline and column roadmaps together and allow your team and audience to toggle between the two.

The second, as significant feature launched is the radically new content editor. We removed the old clunky text editor that was placed on the side panel with a notion like, inline editor that looks and feels a lot more intuitive and comes with a set of cool sections like image upload, checklist, or styled notification sections.

Looking forward to seeing our users put these new features to good use. There was a bit of wait, launching this big upgrade did take more than expected but I do think the wait was worth it.

Aside from the release, we decided to let Goosly have it's own identity online so we started creating social media accounts separate from Jexo so we can share content that's more suited for Goosly target audience. And some of that content to give you an example, we're creating some hour-long LoFi music for focus and productivity and they'll be posted on youtube with some cool Goosly animation as visuals.

Sticking with the content bit, last month we published 3 articles about build in public and Goosly, I'll link them bellow. Really good read if you plan to build open and share your experience along the way.

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The ultimate guide to start building in public - newbie to expert
Everything you need to know about building in public, so you can turn your audience into fans who will gladly carry you to the finish line.

As for growth tactics, I'm gonna be honest, things have been slow, snail-pace slow. Between preparing for our large PM72 Summit event in the summer, dealing with our Atlassian apps, and hiring I've had little time for Goosly. The only bit I've been doing is mentioning Goosly in various Twitter conversations which brings an average of 8 to 10 new users every week.

But this will change coming next month as I started booking focus time on my Fridays, no meetings, no distractions just working at least half a day for Goosly. So there's a press release coming soon to announce the product to more people and I'm working on putting together a growth hacking backlog that I'll start working on these focus days. I've also been absent from Twitter, barely started, and paused so shame on me. But I'll get back to it and build more connections there.

And that's most of the updates from April, ups, and downs but that has always been expected given our team's 95% focus, including mine, is spent on our Atlassian apps. But I'm optimistic, Goosly looks in shape now, a true contender to some other options out there in the planning comms market and a true one-of-a-kind tool for open work and building in public communities.

See you in the next update.