Superblocks, Relay, Flywheel, and many more!

Are these just some random cool-sounding video games?

No not at all, these are Product Hunt product launches from this week and we'll take a peak at what they have to offer.

Take a seat and join me as we take a look at some cool projects launched in the past few days in my new steaming series: The Weekly SaaS Hunt.

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Every day I choose up to 3 product launches and log them ove on my trusty Goosly calendar and tag them if they're free, paid, fremium and there's also another view here where you can see the type of product with columns being the various categories.

So shall we get into it?

Tevent App

A really cool all-in-one event hosting platform!

It fits well for both companies running their own webinar events as well as influencers with communities looking to live stream and engage with their audience over the stream more than you would over Twitch or Youtube.

The event platforms space is a bit frustrating with many clunky or overpriced solutions.

I've researched for PM72 Summit and I was surprised how there's nothing simple and affordable for us minimalist event planners. But that could change as this new product Tevent looks promising!

It has features like polls and Miro integrations to allow you to engage with your audience but also enables you with multiple tracks of sessions and a permanent space/home for your events.

We will probably explore this for next PM72 Summit. Is also not expensive compared to other tools having a free plan for 100 tickets events, there's also a $24/month package for 200 tickets and $124 for 500 tickets sold.

If you are planning for a lengthier event and multiple times a month with 1000+ tickets then it gets pricey fast but still lower than others.

So have a look at needs vs price first.


  • Stages with Polls, Q&A, chats with gifs/emoji reacts for interactive webinars, workshops & talks.
  • One-click Recording with automatic On-Demand availability of Stage recordings.
  • Permanent Spaces give you a hub to come back to time and time again.
  • Robust analytics for organisers to track engagement across an Event’s lifecycle.
  • Contact cards, Meetings, Quick Calls, and personal/group chats for flawless networking.
  • One-click-creation templates for Webinars, Conferences, Workshops and Socials.
  • Broadcast and Teleport functionality to keep everyone in the know, and in the right place.

Scott Bot by Threado

As someone who run previously a Discord community and currently trying to grow another, I find this tool extremely useful.

Moderating a community is hard work, you have to constantly think of ways of engaging your community and make sure you keep your members.

If the channels on your Discord or Slack are dead with no constant threads your members will leave and your space will die.

That's why I find this idea great! You can plan in advance and schedule prompts, and messages to be sent out and help keep your community entertained and engaged.

Ask questions, post thought-provoking topics, and so on.

What would make this a billion-dollar product is introducing AI to generate prompt ideas for you. BOOM!

Transpose API Suite

This is a set of APIs and SDKs to enable developers with easy access to Web3 data.

Transpose allows anyone to effortlessly integrate Web3 data into their applications, such as:

Block API: Query accounts, blocks, transactions, internal transactions, and logs in bulk

ENS API: Look up and resolve ENS names and records, and monitor ENS transfers and sales

NFT API: Fetch collections, NFTs, owners, transfers, and sales across all major exchanges

Token API: Look up any token, transfer, balance, price, and trade

This is really cool because it opens up this kind of information to the rest of us developers, especially that in the past when I looked into doing web3 apps it was a huge pain. The more of these services to simplify it for us the better.

twine for Zoom

Zoom recently launched their app marketplace and we're already seeing impressive apps that are also super useful.

Twine for Zoom helps you organize events in Zoom with better breakout sessions.

It has a bunch of features like shuffling attendees into breakout sessions based on criteria. Matchmaking people like mentors and students in conversations or the ability to navigate a map and join a breakout session.

With this app you can also set how long each breakout should last and add ice breakers.

I see this as super useful for networking events as well as team-building sessions. I most definitely introduce it to our monthly team virtual get-togethers and potentially hackathons too.

Did I mention is all in Zoom? I'm very impressed with how well the Zoom marketplace has kicked off. Some really good gems in there already.

Snackable AI

When I saw this the first time my jaw dropped and honestly it deserved to be higher in the top products this Tuesday. It is a hidden gem in this week's launches.

I'm this excited because we create a lot of video content at Jexo. Long form podcasts, weekly streams, video series, and so on.

One of the time-consuming activities is having to outline short valuable video snippets to publish on social media and communities to attract interest for the main video piece.

Snackable AI seems to be a tool that is capable of extracting powerful moments from your content using machine learning algorithms.

If this works as advertised it will be a massive time saver for our team and probably many others.

Seems like you can also make Audiograms out of these highlighted moments and easily share them on your social accounts.

We're definitely going to put this tool to the test and you might see future snippets from episodes of this series being shared with this tool.

“The Spotify for nature sounds”.

This is the radio a lot of us need! Nature sounds are so relaxing and soothing. Like LoFi music, it really helps me focus. brings nature soundscapes from all around the world. You can explore the interactive map and play sounds from various regions.

You can play everything completely for free and you can create your own playlist.

Each soundscape has it's own detail page where you will also find a link to an environmental charity from that area.

So you can donate, support, and protect the area where you're listening to the sound from. How neat is that! I'd actually take this idea to the next level.

Maybe consider making a subscription-based soundscape audio player with predefined playlists so then we can listen to these wonderful sounds while working and contribute each month to all of these charities automatically with the subscription.


This is a great-looking, promising low-code platform for creating internal apps for your teams and organization.

The tool is an automation tool with a rich flow editor like the ones you see in Zapier and others. And that's great because you can quickly add data sources, process data and then drag and drop a whole interface.

Once you go through these steps, grab data, process it, render it in an interface and place UI interaction. After that you can publish you app and give access to your team.

I'm excited about this concept because we have a bunch of internal projects that I can see this saving a lot of time.

The fact you don't need to code an interface is great. And actually looking at it you probably need to do very limited coding if you have a straightforward app to build.

The pricing looks pretty appealing as well.


Another gem from this Wednesday Hunt, Simpu is a service desk and customer messaging platform that allows you to connect and receive messages from a lot of channels under a single inbox platform.

You can manage requests coming from Messager, WhatsApp, Instagram DMs, Twitter, Gmail and many more. On top of that you also get a slick chat widget to embed on your website and app. So you're all covered everywhere.

Looks like you can create topic-related inboxes and assign your team members to attend per inbox. So you can have sales team taking care of sales messages and technical support helping users.

The feature I'm also excited about is the neat automation editor that enables you to set up rules to how to label a customer chat, who should pick up the conversation. But also if to use an auto bot response.

So is pretty much a full package platform and best of all it has a free version with decent quota and the paid plans are not outrageous either. So well done Collins and team!

It's pretty cool to have a free AI service that writes sales messages for you. There is a great and popular service called Jasper AI but that's all paying so is great to have a free alternative.

Seems like the focus is on training the algorithm to write e-commerce emails but from what the founders say you can use it for other writing tasks as well. The interface also looks clean and easy to use.

We do pay for Jasper and get short form text for social media, advertising and so on so we don't need this one BUT I do want to put Octie trough is pace and see how it compares to Jasper. But remember, this is completely free so super wow!

And the name Octie is cute AF :D


This is a great addition to an already great product. WIth Morflax Shift you can transform any SVG file into a 3d image or animation in seconds.

Seems like the converter is in Beta and I assume it will be added in the full 3d browser editor. And Shift is useful because you can create slick-looking elements, for your website, application, presentation or really, where ever you need cool assets like that.

Give it a try because you can simply upload your SVG filed and see how it works right on the website. And this is something I appreciate with Morflax platform, all their products have no string attached sandboxes where you can give them a try without registering.


Relay is a community created by Chargebee the subscription management software. Is more of a forum platform where you can learn from other founders trough Ask Me Anything posts, interviews and discussions. The community is nicknamed the SaaS World Second's brain

I know this might not fully classify as a SaaS but more of a community but given I got a passion for talking about my founder and startup experiences I find this super interesting to share.

This community helps new founders and old ones, because we all need to refresh our knowledge often. But yeah the stories here should help founders with ways to think and build their startups.

It looks like the platform has already acquired quite a few founder stories and each is easy to navigate through and read. It also has a comment section where you can engage with the founder, ask questions and dive deeper into the topic.


Every is an interesting one that I almost didn't put through for yesterday's shortlist. And the reason why it almost didn't make the cut is the fact that they are super early in their journey and is not as easy to find who they are!

They have no About Us page and information about their team anywhere on the site and their very common name Every makes it difficult to find social profiles or articles. Heck if you type their company name listed in copyright Every Inc. on Google you get details of an entertainment company with the same name.

In the end, I managed to find them on Crunchbase, searched the founding team names on Linkedin, and finally was able to see who they are. But yeah, this is a lesson for everyone to do some research on who's behind the services you start using. Especially when we talk about banking and financial SaaS.

But anyway, I like the idea of managing all your company spendings from one easy-to-use application, especially having access to generate as many virtual cards and allocate them with dedicated budget to your teams. That's something I know I need for my marketing team because they always need my card for various tools and campaigns.

I do however, think Wise is now issuing some version of this benefit so I'm also going to look at what Wise has to offer.

Every aims to be your startup back-office taking care of your Banking, Financials, HR, and Payrolls and it even supports Web3 wallets. So friendly to the cool kids too.

Terms of pricing, if you only use the banking features there's no monthly fee but I suspect there's something per transaction I just couldn't find quickly any info about that. And if you want to also take care of HR is $30 base monthly fee + $6/user/month which won't break your wallet.

Have a look if interested but again, make sure you know who you're entering a partnership with first on this one. There's no chat on the website, support portal, and only a sales email you can reach out and ask more details.


We talked about community bots this week but here's another brilliant one dedicated to Slack.

If you ever run a community space you know the pains and the time you need to invest. Especially if that community is in Slack! Unlike Discord that has a community mode with loads of features dedicated to make admins life easier, SLack has always been more focused on internal teams conversations.

But not anymore! Cue Flywheel, a super bot for SLack that enhances your community space with analytics, automated bots, scheduled messages, polls, and more. Looks really cool and handy so explore if you're running a public Slack community.

The Product Hunt listing says is freemium but I couldn't find any info on pricing. And while we're on the topic of website info, I know this is very early MVP, but the public website needs some care, no info about who the team is, no terms and conditions or privacy policy listed on the landing page or easy way to get in touch except an admin email listed.

So navigate with care. I wouldn't allow access to my SLack without scanning their legal policies. This is feedback for the team, fix your website a bit.


AVID is focused on audio learning experiences and courses. I don't think I heard of an audio learning platform before so I was quite intrigued by this one.

And although I don't have a problem being in front of the camera and sharing my learnings I know many others don't like having to record videos.

So this means you can still teach and create courses without the hassle, just have a decent microphone and you can be churning classes in your pajamas at home. The other massive benefit of audio-only classes is that students can take them anywhere at any time.

As we learned from podcasts, folk consume a lot of them because they can do it while commuting from work, working out in the gym, or on a bike ride trip. I think audio classes are subject to the same consumption habits. This means that courses on AVID have the potential to be a lot more successful than on other platforms.

The other big feature they offer is the ability to crowdfund your course!

Another innovative idea that I had not heard of. Now quick disclaimer, I've been on a break from keeping up with SaaS launches until this series so some of these concepts might already exist.

Anyway, back to crowdfunding: this means you can test the concept of a course before you put in the work of producing it AND get paid in advance to produce it. That's brilliant, removing the upfront investment and risk away like that. Love it!

The one feature I didn't see mentioned anywhere is a native mobile app. AVID folk, if this doesn't exist you got to make one, That's the main way to gain mobile adoption which will be the highest consumption channel in my opinion.

AVID is a promising platform for learning and I'm for sure going to consider doing some audio courses in whatever I may be an expert.

FlashList for React Native

We'll end the week with an Open Source project.

We all know React Native can be super slow and clunky but with libraries like this one we can make React Native great again.

FlashList is a fast and performant React Native List component that gives your users a very fluid experience.

Looks like a good project and the GitHub repo has already a good number of contributors. So have a look at it if you're building a React Native app.

And we're done! That was this week's selection of cool projects. But what do you think? Which one is your favorite of the bunch and if you're a hunter which other launches from this week you are interested in?

Also do let me know what you'd like to see in this stream, maybe improvements, other segments? We're just getting started so feedback is most welcome.

But until next Friday, happy hunting and stay SaaSy!

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