Hello everyone, I'm Biro your host and for the past week I gathered cool and interesting launches from Product Hunt and in this stream we'll go through each. Who knows, maybe you find something useful to help you and your team.

Just as a reminder:
Every day I choose up to 3 product launches and log them over on my trusty Goosly calendar and tag them if they're free, paid, fremium and there's also another view here where you can see the type of product with columns being the various categories.

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I like how clean this app is. ShiftX is a neat service for process visualization and journey mapping.

Like me a lot of folk prefer visuals when communicating and explaining work processes, team structures or technical data flows. So this tool looks a fit for all those use cases.

I like this tool and I will definitely be using it to draw to my team my workflow thoughts on a variety of topics. I can already think of two use cases, one for sketching our customer success funnels and another for a technical documentation of the Marketplace API data flow since we're changing our internal systems.

In terms of pricing there is a free plan with a decent 5 flows you can create but this is just for one user, you cannot invite your team on the free plan. However, you can share flows but not for team members to contribute, just view. For a startup that's enough I think. The paid plan is a bit on the pricey side for my linking, but not outrageous. I can for sure see bigger teams using and paying for it.


Here's a great and free API service to help keep communities safe and clean!

If you're product or app is a public place, a forum, a community or a social platform, then you know you have to spend time moderating what your users post on your platform. From copyright infringements to X-rated content or hateful, toxic, and insulting words. It becomes a full-time job as your user base grows in size.

ModerateHatespeech.com helps with that last point, enabling you to programmatically detect when content is hateful and insulting towards a person OR a group of people, ethnicities, or minorities.

We plan to implement more community-related features in Goosly where you can watch, upvote, and comment on activities on someone's public roadmap. So for the comments sections, we will probably need to use something like this. As well as implementing it for the content roadmap makers are creating. So another one for me to dive deeper into.


If you worked in Salesforce, you know how busy and clunky it is, you've seen it. Some say if you built your sales team is considered cruel to ask them to work in Salesforce.

But jokes aside, the founders of Laserfocus got the right vibe and created a solution to keep your salespeople employed and productive. With this app your sales team will be able to focus on what's important and not lose time navigating through views.

Laserfocus brings your salesforce leads and deals in a new, fresh stylish and simple interface to give your sales people a delightful experience and help them focus on the right things.

The pricing is pretty cool too with a free seat if you're a one man band sales person and $30/month per seat for a larger team. Oh and I really love the branding and visual assets on the website. The 3D marbles are mesmerizing.

So yeah, if sales is you, this tool is what you need.

Hagrid 2.0

Hagrid caught my attention because it claims to be a social QnA for your website or app in less than 10 minutes.

It got me a bit curious and excited because we've been thinking of placing here on Goosly and comment box for each Activity and the page in general for your community or team to be able to feedback and comment on your plans.

This seems to be a super easy to implement way to do that. You just embedd the code and voila, magic. It even authenticated the users for you to make sure you don't get spammed. Hopefully the authentication can be swapped for your own platform of users.

What I liked was that the comment box for visitors is done with Editor.js because we use the same library for the content section of these roadmaps.

That being said there is a chance this might not fit because is placed more like a website Q&A rather than plug and play comments system. Meaning it only has the option for me the owner of the account to reply to messages. There's no way for roadmap owners to reply to comments on their pages.

So we'll see but looks promising and I like all the customization available with the tool.


So I really liked this app so had to include it for Tuesday. ANd to be honest, I think it needs more credit as it didn't receive much love in the daily voting so if you're watching this go give it an upvote and try it.

But why? Well is a free and open source app that the COntentsquare foundation team has put together and app to help folk with reading disabilities, dyslexia or partially sighted to consume written content online.

It comes in two flavors, as a chrome browser extension or a Word add-on and it has a tone of customization features so you can make reading as comfortable as you need it to be.

The tool is completely free to use and also open source because the team needs as much help as possible to improve reading experience for those in need of support. So if is for yourself or you know someone that could benefit, share this link with them.


If Reddit, Discord and Notion had a baby it would be Outverse.

This was the product of the day on Wednesday and for good reason! It set to be the future of communities bringing forum conversations to the 21st century with a new clean and modern experience that your community will for sure enjoy.

Looks like it comes packed with a tone of customization and a cool notion like editor for both creating threads and commenting. And it also comes with a neat live video calls feature for video spaces and events.

Who is this for? Well, probably for companies and influencers that think Discord is too much targetted towards gamers and too unstructured and for those that want a forum platform that doesn't look like it was conceived in 2004.

We might wind up using it as we start building a community for people passionate about work management. I will explore this further.


I love the concept behind Mockoops. The name is pretty funny too Mock-Oops!

This tool is meant to transform your boring product screen recordings into fancy-looking animated promo videos.

The interface looks pretty cool and easy to use and if it works as good as it says this is a brilliant tool to have in your arsenal. Especially as a indie hacker, solopreneur or small team too busy with your product to invest in big production and expensive video adverts. Oh and did I mention this one is completely free to use.

I've not tested it and I rarely have time to test every product I find cool in these weekly launches but if you manage to try it before me write me a comment with the result.

Herding Cats

A hidden tiny gem on Wednesday launches. Herding Cats is a small web app that allows you to organize and send get-together invites quickly. No more back and forth chat messages trying to organize something with your friends. Herd them cats and become a social shepherd.

Looking at the messaging they're targeting men with this app. And the message really resonates with me. As any of my friend will tell you I'm not the one for chatter on messaging apps, I hate that. My messages are short and on point. So this app is a bliss. I actually just used it to invite people to my birthday this Sunday.

The branding is also funny and super cute, makes anyone smile.


So Zoom just started doing transcripts, I noticed this feature available couple of days ago. But it is super basic compared to this Spoke service.

Spoke will help you configure auto-recording your video calls from Zoom, Teams or Meet. And after each of your calls, you get your recording saved in a dashboard with a transcript and a meeting summary automatically created with the help of AI by analyzing the recording. You can also highlight section and create snippets with ease.

Seems like Spoke is actually not a new product and was launched 2 years ago on Product Hunt but the team has invested in a lot of great new feature which prompted a relisting.

In terms of pricing, it is Freemium dough the free tier is quite limiting with only 5 recordings allowed. I do suspect you might be able to delete old recordings and keep creating new ones as long as you processed your old ones and deleted them. But honestly, the paid plan has everything unlimited and $30 a month which is not a bad deal.

Developer DAO FM

Here's a tiny one that I know many of us will appreciate. I found this free music player with Lofi music playlists. Usually, Lofi beats help me focus and dough I usually go on Youtube and find live lists to play this will do nicely as well.

Is a very basic app with a big Play button and a tiny number of other controls. It was created by developerdao.com to be used by developers completely free of charge to listen to music while developing web3 products.

To be honest, seeing how relaxing the music here is, I have an urge to start coding again. Built me some crypto app. Oh, did I not mention yet that it comes with a nifty timer so you can play pomodoro.


As a founder of a product company, I found this next launch intriguing. Well first there's not that clean to me of how this app works and what extractly data pulls together from you just by looking at designed promo slides. Is missing a video demo or at least some actual screens.

But I still wanted to include it here because the messaging is powerful. And if anyone can pull this off would be this team formed of ex Atlassian engineers and product managers and other reputable brands.

They're aiming to solve common challenges for Product Managers like yourself by centralizing and streamlining data on the tool you use the most: Slack!

What you expect to find is features for manage new product features, communicate success metrics with data connected from Amplify or Mixpanel and manage stakeholder communication. All from the comfort of your Slack space.

I requested access to beta and will be able to test and see what it has to offer.


This is the second app this week, which is an interface for a popular product. We're looking at this after earlier checking out the slick Laserfocus. But unlike Laserfocus which is a fully fledged app that incorporates multiple features from Salesforce. Hypersonic is actually an extension for Raycast the Mac launcher for productivity. It claims to be the fastest interface for Notion todo lists.

Now I don't work with Notion or the todo in Notion so I'm unsure how slow or fast the native variant is but this one does look like slick and efficient way to create and manage todo tasks. And the fact that is part of this popular launcher means you don't need to navigate the Notion space to reach your tasks, just quickly open this app and get to work.

This is also 100% free, so you got no excuse.


There are quite a few launches today dedicated to designers. Not sure, maybe I didn't get the memo that today is designer day on Product Hunt, I would've worn my hipster clothing.

But I decided to choose only one resource to share with you and I choose this one as my favorite due to my lack of design skills actually.

We all know that nowadays the trend for tech product websites and landing pages is to have illustrations as part of the look and feel and to communicate your message.

Well, this website here gives you a curated list of completely free illustrations to use on your website with no strings attached. And if you're anything like me in the early days of my SaaS ventures: broke and with little to no design skills, you will find this just pure awesomeness.

I looked around and I think one of my favorites is this brilliant collection of 3d business people. The style is so vibrant and high quality, I'm surprised they're giving this away for free.

The Social App

This one is a great monetization tool to have if you're an influencer. The Social App brings you paid chat groups. It's like a WhatsApp group but with a subscription gate.

I've not looked into this but I'm sure you could use some techniques and tools to do this with a Discord, Slack or WhatsApp. However, this being fully native and with features tailored towards exclusive communities.

So if you're an influencer with a following and want to create paid chat groups to talk to your audience and share more gated content there explore The Social App.

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We also have a bunch of cool Lofi music that we'll be publishing on this channel soon to help you focus and be productive with work. So stay tuned for that.

Alright, don't forget to check out this week calendar, and until next friday, happy hunting and stay SaaSy everyone.